The Spanish purchase process can be a somewhat complicated one at times, more so if you do not speak Spanish. We know that it can be daunting investing a large amount of money in a country that is not your own. Our rigorous legal searches and due diligence will uncover any potential issues with your purchase, so that you can relax in the knowledge that your interests are being carefully monitored by professionals.

McGrenra & Gonzalez understands the absolute necessity to explain the Spanish purchase process, stage by stage, in its entirety. We provide all the information you require in your own language, with frequent updates on your file. We pride ourselves on our client care relations, understanding that you will have a lot of questions before, during and even after the purchase. This is why for the first year post completion on your property our services for the property remain available to you at no extra charge; a helping hand until you become accustomed to life in Spain.


It is imperative as a property owner hoping for a swift, problem free sale to have all your paperwork in order. McGrenra Gonzalez will advise you as to what exactly is required to ensure your paperwork is up to date. Whether it be the request for a second certificate of habitation or the declaration of new works, MG can guide you through all legal aspects of the sale, including post-completion payment of the necessary taxes.



If you are the owner of a Spanish property, but not registered to pay Spanish income tax, you must pay a non-resident tax. This is paid to Hacienda (the national Spanish tax office) on an annual basis, via Form 210, and it must be paid prior to December 31st of each year.

Late payment can result in fines and so it is a good idea to leave this in the hands of a tax professional, who will also be up to date with the seemingly ever changing amendments to the fiscal laws.



McGrenra & Gonzalez always advise their clients to sign a Spanish will, dealing with all their assets, rights, and shares in Spain. To rely solely on a will from their country of origin can cause a delay in paying the taxes due on the deceased’s estate in Spain. This delay is often due to the length of time probate can take in their home country. Furthermore, the timescale and costs involved in the Spanish judicial translation of a will from another jurisdiction, can outweigh those entailed in signing a Spanish will from the outset. The Spanish will is drafted in Spanish, with an exact translation in your own language. McGrenra & Gonzalez includes this service in our conveyancing fees. The Spanish Notary must sign the will and register it at the Wills Registry in Madrid.

 Upon the demise of a testator, a deed of inheritance must be signed by the beneficiary/ies at the Notary’s office. McGrenra & Gonzalez will guide your beneficiaries through this difficult time, explaining the process and liaising with the Notary and Hacienda regarding all the paperwork required.



Many of our clients who do not live in their Spanish property full time decide to rent it in their absence. Should you decide to do this, it is essential that you are protected with a legally binding rental contract in Spanish, with an exact translation in your own language and that of your tenant.

McGrenra & Gonzalez offers this service and can also organise the request of the touristic licence required by the Town Hall to permit the rental of your property.



Due to high demand from our clients, McGrenra & Gonzalez now offers our purchasing clients a monthly service package. Many people find that having a property here, but not actually living in it full time, can result in them getting behind with their postal collections and consequently their paperwork.

Through no fault of their own they do not always receive important information regarding changes brought in by the Town Hall, utility companies or tax offices (both local and national). For a small monthly fee, McGrenra Gonzalez offers you the opportunity to allow us to deal with all utility companies, local tax offices and Town Halls on your behalf. This fee also includes any legal advice required regarding the property.