McGrenra & Gonzalez always advise their clients to sign a Spanish will, dealing with all their assets, rights, and shares in Spain. To rely solely on a will from their country of origin can cause a delay in paying the taxes due on the deceased’s estate in Spain. This delay is often due to the length of time probate can take in their home country. Furthermore, the timescale and costs involved in the Spanish judicial translation of a will from another jurisdiction, can outweigh those entailed in signing a Spanish will from the outset. The Spanish will is drafted in Spanish, with an exact translation in your own language. McGrenra & Gonzalez includes this service in our conveyancing fees. The Spanish Notary must sign the will and register it at the Wills Registry in Madrid.

 Upon the demise of a testator, a deed of inheritance must be signed by the beneficiary/ies at the Notary’s office. McGrenra & Gonzalez will guide your beneficiaries through this difficult time, explaining the process and liaising with the Notary and Hacienda regarding all the paperwork required.