The Spanish purchase process can be a somewhat complicated one at times, more so if you do not speak Spanish. We know that it can be daunting investing a large amount of money in a country that is not your own. Our rigorous legal searches and due diligence will uncover any potential issues with your purchase, so that you can relax in the knowledge that your interests are being carefully monitored by professionals.

McGrenra & Gonzalez understands the absolute necessity to explain the Spanish purchase process, stage by stage, in its entirety. We provide all the information you require in your own language, with frequent updates on your file. We pride ourselves on our client care relations, understanding that you will have a lot of questions before, during and even after the purchase. This is why for the first year post completion on your property our services for the property remain available to you at no extra charge; a helping hand until you become accustomed to life in Spain.


It is imperative as a property owner hoping for a swift, problem free sale to have all your paperwork in order. McGrenra Gonzalez will advise you as to what exactly is required to ensure your paperwork is up to date. Whether it be the request for a second certificate of habitation or the declaration of new works, MG can guide you through all legal aspects of the sale, including post-completion payment of the necessary taxes.